KitchenAid – Front Control Built-In Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub, FreeFlex Third Rack, 44dBA – Stainless steel

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FreeFlex third rack
The large third rack has a deep, angled design that fits 6″ glasses, mugs, and bowls.

It features rotating wash jets to clean items in the rack, a drying bar with tabs that help wick moisture off glasses, and a removable utensil tray for cooking tools. (Among leading brands based on usable volume.)

Provides quiet cleaning without compromising performance, so there’s no need to wait to run a wash cycle, while entertaining and enjoying meals, even in open concept kitchens.

Advanced clean water wash system
Uses microfiltration to continuously remove food particles during the wash and rinse cycles and circulates clean water to dishes in all three racks. This allows dirty cookware and delicate glassware to be washed together in the same load.

ProWash cycle
Utilizes sensors to measure soil levels throughout the cycle and adapts wash time and water temperature as needed for tough messes or lighter loads, because no two meals or the dishes that result are exactly the same.

PrintShield™ finish
Resists smudges and fingerprints. The specialized coating for stainless steel is easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning up the kitchen.

Adjustable middle rack
Adds flexibility to fit tall items, such as a stand mixer bowl. Lower the rack to place large dishes inside, or raise it to make room for platters, pitchers, blender jars and more in the rack below.

Heat dry option
Heats both the final rinse water and the air inside the dishwasher to help dishes come out dry and ready for your next creation.

Extended heat dry option
Adds drying time for improved results.

Durable stainless steel interior
Offers the beauty and benefits of stainless steel inside the dishwasher. It resists streaks, stains and odors, while retaining heat to help improve drying.

SatinGlide® maximum rails in third and middle racks
Allow racks to move effortlessly, even when fully loaded.

Adjustable rows in middle and lower racks
Fold down to make room for dishes in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as roasting pans, serving bowls, colanders, and Dutch ovens.

Two stemware holders in middle rack
Secure wine glasses along the side of the rack to prevent them from moving around during the wash cycle.

Express wash cycle
Cleans in less time, so you always have the dishes you need, while preparing, cooking, and entertaining.

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