JennAir – 36″ Electric Cooktop – Black



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  • 12″/9″/6″ Triple-Choice™ Element

    Reaching a powerful 3,000 watts, this three-tiered element allows you to experience the ultimate versatility in power levels and heating efficiency, accommodating various-sized cookware.

  • 10”/6” Dual-Choice™ Element

    Enjoy cooking flexibility and efficiency with an electric element that features two element sizes at one position with a maximum output of 2,000 watts for greater cooking flexibility.

  • 9″/6″ Dual-Choice™ Element

    Deliver 1000-3000 watts of power for versatile heating options.

  • Glass-Ceramic Surface

    Beautiful, jet-black glass surface presents a stylish appearance and wipes clean easily.

  • Barrel Knobs – Black Chrome

    Robust, black chrome, stainless steel knobs offer classic flair and precise control, elegantly coordinating with the Black Glass design.

  • 6” 1,300-Watt Single Element

    A fast-heating, perfectly sized and powerful 1,300-watt element for your small sauce pans and sauciers.

  • 6” 1,200-Watt Single Element

    A fast-heating and perfectly sized element for your small sauce pans and sauciers.

  • ADA Compliant

    Designed to meet ADA standards when installed according to the ADA guidelines.

  • Black Glass Design

    Designed to match seemlessly with any style suite, the black glass featues crisp 2mm corners and the ability to be installed fully flush.

  • Built-In Oven Compatible

    Experience premium design and performance from high-end appliances when you install a single wall oven beneath your electric cooktop, offering additional design flexibility.

  • Hot Surface Indicators

    Light(s) positioned at the controls instantly show which element is still hot — even if the element has been turned off.

  • Melt Function on All Elements

    This selectable function provides the precise temperatures to melt chocolate, butter or other delicate ingredients.

  • Power On Indicator Light

    See at a glance that power is on for an electric radiant element.

  • Radiant Elements

    Located beneath a smooth, glass-ceramic cooktop, these responsive electric elements transfer heat efficiently to your cookware.

  • Simmer Function

    Provides the optimal temperature for gently cooking delicate sauces and foods.

  • True Flush Installation Option

    Low profile design and crisp corners on the cooking surface provide the versatility to achieve a true flush installation with this black glass cooktop.

  • White LED Backlit Knobs

    A white LED light glows underneath the entire knob when the burner element is lit to enhance the premium design.

Product Height 6 1/16 inches
Product Width 36 5/16 inches
Product Depth 21 3/4 inches
Cooktop Surface Type Smoothtop
Number of Elements 5
Shipping & Delivery
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