Thermador – Freedom Series 36″ Built-In Electric Induction Cooktop with 56-element Freedom Cooking Surface and Wifi – Dark Gray



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Featuring 36-inches of fully usable cooking surface
Large Usable Cooking Surface with 36″ of fully usable cooking surface.

Dark Gray Glass with a frameless design
Dark Gray Glass creates stunning design for any kitchen.

Move ingredients on/off heat with TeppanyakiPro
TeppanyakiPro function divides a teppanyaki grill plate into one heated and one non-heated area, so you can quickly move ingredients on and off of the heat.

Transfer settings when moving a pot with MoveMode
MoveMode allows you to easily move your pot across the cooktop, and the power level will automatically transfer.

Easily change the temperature setting with MyZone
MyZone allows you to change the temperature to a preset power level simply by moving your cookware up, down or diagonal.

Wi-Fi Enabled for convenient remote monitoring
Wi-Fi Enabled cooktop allows for convenient remote monitoring with access to cooktop programs and settings via the Home Connect app.

PowerBoost heats up pots or boils water quicker
PowerBoost increases element power by up to 50%, saving time to heat up pots or boil water quicker.

Sapphire Glow lights indicate cookware position
Sapphire Glow LED embedded surface lights provide a guiding light along the sides of cooktop that follows the position of your cookware on the cooking surface.

Automatic pot detection
Automatic pot detection recognizes the size, shape and position of your cookware on the cooktop.

PanBoost Feature
PanBoost function allows for faster 30 second pan heat-up time and is ideal for cooking with a frying pan.

Interactive touch screen
Extra large full color interactive touch screen display.

Panel lock
Panel Lock allows you to lock the cooktop for easy cleaning and prevent children from changing settings.

Cooking sensor ready
Cooking Sensor ready, which prevents overcooking of food by means of a sensor that accurately measures the temperature inside the pot (optional sensor sold separately).

Easy cleanup
Provides a smooth surface that makes cleaning fast and simple.

Dark gray glass color

Product Height 4 1/8 inches
Product Width 37 inches
Product Depth 21 1/4 inches
Cooktop Surface Type Smoothtop

Shipping & Delivery
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