Thermador Freedom Collection 54” COLUMN Built-In Refrigerator



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30 Inch Panel Ready Built-In Smart Full Refrigerator with 16.8 cu. ft. Capacity, Carbon Air Filter, SoftClose® Drawer, Freedom® Hinge, ThermaFresh System, Freeflow® Cold Air System, Quick Chill, Cool Air Flow Technology, Open Door Assist, Star-K and ENERGY STAR Qualified
Carbon Air Filter
  • Keeps your refrigerator smelling fresh.
SoftClose® Drawer
  • For easy and controlled storage.
Freedom® Hinge
  • Enables true flush design.
ThermaFresh System
  • The ultimate solution for extending the freshness of meat and produce for longer periods of time.
Freeflow® Cold Air System
  • Helps ensure items placed on door shelves will be kept cold at all times by quickly adjusting the temperature of the doors to match that of the interior.
Quick Chill
  • Quickly brings the temperature down to cool items fast.
Cool Air Flow Technology
  • Makes Thermador refrigerators and freezers more energy efficient.
Open Door Assist
  • Uses Auto Door Opening technology to open the refrigerator door with either a push or a pull, adding a luxurious touch and the option for a sleek, handle-less design.
Delicate Produce Bins
  • Easily removable storage bins that provide ample space for fresh fruits and vegetables.
Other Features
  • 16.8 cu. ft. Capacity
  • TFT control panel
  • Full stainless steel inner liner
  • New all-leg leveling
  • Star-K
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified


Thermador Freedom Collection T24IF905SP
24 Inch Panel-Ready Built-In Smart Freezer Column with 12.2 cu. ft. Capacity, Diamond Ice System Ice Maker, Freedom® Water Filter, SuperFreeze®, Freedom® Hinge, SoftClose® Drawers, Star-K and ENERGY STAR Certified


Diamond Ice System Ice Maker
  • Diamond Ice made with twist tray technology provides unique shaped ice that are designed to melt slowly
Freedom® Water Filter
  • Ensures your ice is made with clean water, always
  • Brings the temperature down to -22°F in approximately 52 hours to seal in the freshness of your meats and more
Freedom® Hinge
  • Enables true flush design
SoftClose® Drawers
  • For easy and controlled storage
Smooth Filtered Lighting
  • For clear and easy viewing of all product
Cool Air Flow Technology
  • Evenly distributes cold air throughout all parts of the unit
Other Features
  • 12.2 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Full Stainless Steel Inner Liner
  • Auto Door Opening
  • TFT Control Panel
  • All-Leg Leveling
  • Star-K Compliant
  • ENERGY STAR Certified
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