Thermador – Espresso Machine with 19 bars of pressure, Milk Frother and App Controlled – Brushed Stainless Steel





Automatic coffee machine
Prepare tasty latte, cappuccino, ristretto, espresso, latte macchiato, hot milk, espresso macchiato and milk foam, just the way you like.

Wi-Fi Enabled: Customize and brew your beverages
Wi-Fi Enabled built-in coffee maker allows you to customize and brew your preferred beverage, save your favorite presets and gain access to exclusive features via the Home Connect app, works with smart home devices and services like Amazon Alexa.

Convenient cleanup with easy cleaning
Easy cleaning uses both hot water and steam to automatically rinse during turn-on and turn-off, so it’s always ready for the next fresh-tasting pour.

Personalized Customization: Store up to 8 personalized beverages presets
MyCoffee stores up to 8 personalized beverages by name so family members can save their favorite drinks—from a single shot espresso to extra-large cappuccinos.

Ceramic Disk Grinding System allows for a bean to cup experience
Ceramic Disk Grinding System allows you to enjoy a bean to cup experience with freshly ground coffee, consistent flavor, and smooth texture in every cup. Delivering quality performance over the lifetime of your appliance.

A quiet appliance for a peaceful morning
Enjoy your coffee in peace with a quiet operation of grinding and brewing process.

Add your favorite milk to brew your beverage
Insulated stainless steel milk containers are perfect for coffee and espresso drinks with your favorite type of milk – be it soy, almond, or oat.

Automatic Double Shot for consistent strong flavor
Automatic Double Shot delivers an extra shot of espresso to select beverages. Enjoy a consistently strong flavor and aroma at the touch of a button.

Full color LCD digital display
Full color LCD display illustrates beverage selection, including size and temperature control.

Removable water tank
Allows easy refilling.

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping/Delivery & Installation fees varies based on location and appliance purchased. Please call 940-206-9113 for a quote.