LG – STUDIO 30″ Built-In Single Electric Convection Wall Oven with Air Fry and Steam Sous Vide – Stainless steel



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Handles any size meal.
With LG’s large 4.7 cu. ft. capacity oven, you can handle all of your family’s cooking needs. Whether you’re baking large batches of cookies or a roast for the holidays, this oven can fit it all.

Elevated design in every detail
This is the redesigned LG STUDIO. It’s modern flat panels and pro-style handles married with a PrintProof finish that meets your busy family where you live, without leaving a trace.

It’s lasting performance combined with capacity and high-end innovations that help you create experiences your guests will never forget. It’s current, contemporary and stylish, and it’s everything you’ve been dreaming about.

ThinQ Care
Keep your appliances running smoothly with ThinQ Care, now in the ThinQ app. Get notifications about usage, maintenance, plus early diagnosis right on your phone. ThinQ Care will help you understand your appliance needs, avoid potential problems, and keep your appliance running its best.

Knock twice to see what’s cooking
Now you can check on food in an instant with two quick knocks. The InstaView window lets you see inside your oven without ever opening the door and letting heat escape – and it’s extra wide to see even more.

Options galore, seen in full color
A few touches guide you thru menu selection with full-color images for easy recognition. Activate more than 40 auto-cook recipes from Banana Bread to London Broil with the impressive LCD display. The look is sleek and contemporary, and it’s even easy to clean.

Crispy flavor to feed a crowd
Air Fry delivers crispy flavor fast with no preheating and makes enough to feed a crowd, with no need to buy yet another gadget that takes up counter space. Just press Air Fry to prepare favorite snacks like French fries, hot wings and more.

High temperatures and the convection fan work together to deliver the flavor and crunch you crave without the oil—or the guilt.

Take it to the next level
LG STUDIO combines moisture-rich steam cooking with the low-and-slow sous vide method for restaurant-quality meals at home. Vacuum sealed meats, fish and even vegetables are juicy, tender and consistently delicious.¹

Cook like a pro with removable water reservoir that is easy to refill even mid-cooking, for hours-long steam that conducts heat efficiently and holds foods at the perfect level of doneness for your dinner party.

Make it flush – or not
The kitchen of your dreams is in the details – installation details, that is. LG STUDIO wall ovens give you the option of a flush installation or choose the traditional position.

Cooked to perfection – every time
Hot air flows evenly throughout the oven cavity to maximize heat distribution and cook more evenly on every rack. 4 modes include Bake, Roast, Broil and Air Fry.

Design that fits your taste (and your busy life)
Life doesn’t stop for spills, and your style shouldn’t sacrifice, either. LG STUDIO’s PrintProof fingerprint and smudge resistant finish easily wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth for a distinctive kitchen that handles real-life in style.

Cleans up well
EasyClean, a 10-minute oven cleaning cycle technology, brings you one of the fastest oven-cleaning features yet. In three easy steps and 10 quick minutes your oven can be sparkling clean, without strong chemical fumes or high heat.²

Simply spray the oven interior with water, press EasyClean and then in 10 minutes, quickly wipe away any leftover grime. And you can still use the traditional self-clean cycle for the occasional deep clean. Afterall, you’ve got more important things to do.

Smooth movement for a busy kitchen
Exclusive LG STUDIO soft-close hinges have a gentle action that doesn’t disrupt baking. So bake a souffle without worry and let the hustle of a busy kitchen continue with smooth action.

Smooth operator
Beauty and brains combine with the ThinQ app for LG STUDIO. Preheat the oven before you step in the door, or check on the timer without checking out of the family card game. LG STUDIO appliances with ThinQ technology will change the way you think – and the way you live.

Download the free ThinQ app to your Android or iOS device and get started. Receive notifications, diagnose issues and get quick, expert advice. Use the voice-activated features of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Plus, it works with recipe management apps like Innit and SideChef.

Peace of mind
All LG STUDIO appliances are backed by LG’s exclusive 2-year limited warranty, so you can confidently enjoy your STUDIO appliance for years to come.

Smart cooking partner put the app in appetite
Get inspired and expand your menu options using the SideChef App that will automatically send temperatures and cook times to your oven.

Roast to perfection
Roast all types of meats to near perfection with ease. Set the desired temperature using your range or ThinQ app and insert the Temperature Probe to monitor the internal temperature of your dish. When it’s done, the oven turns off automatically. No more over cooking.

¹Refer to owners manual for proper cooking instructions.

²Among major leading home appliance brands as surveyed in March 2020. Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use of the full self-clean feature.

Shipping & Delivery
Shipping/Delivery & Installation fees varies based on location and appliance purchased. Please call 940-206-9113 for a quote.