Café – 36″ Built-In Gas Cooktop with 6 Burners – Stainless steel



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Nothing about your personal style is standard. So why should your appliances be? Created for those who want to reflect their true style in every room of their home, Café is distinct by design. Choose between two bold collections. The Customizable Professional Collection boasts a distinct line of hardware options, and the Modern Glass Collection features a seamless, contemporary design. Backed by showstopping features, every Café appliance gives you the form and the function you’ve been craving. Café Commercial-Style rangetops offer the utmost in convenience and control, all style to suit a variety of consumer needs. All Commercial-Style rangetops come equipped with six powerful burners, including the industry-exclusive Inspiral Burner, a tri-ring burner, two 12,000-BTU burners, and two 18,000-BTU burners. We’ve also designed the rangetops to include color-matched manifolds, wok-compatible grates, sealed cooktop burners, continuous cast iron grates, and electric ignition with automatic reignition. Our Commercial-Style rangetops come in two impressive sizes, 36- and 48-inch models, both of which are compatible with our reversible griddle and grill accessory, which is sold separately. 48-inch Commercial-Style rangetops have an integrated griddle included, providing the perfect place to craft delicate crepes or fluffy areas.


Versatile Cooktop

The versatile cooktop on this commercial style range features an entire arsenal of burners that give you the right amount of heat and control to perfectly cook anything from delicate sauces to expertly seared meats.

Color-Matched Manifold

Get a coordinated look with a manifold that matches the rangetop’s finish

Commercial-Style Burner

An industry-exlusive Inspiral burner swirls the cooktop flame under cookware to eliminate uneven heating

Tri-Ring Burner

A versatile burner offers three different-sized flame rings on a single burner element, so it’s like having three burners in one

Two Griddle Burners

Cook more at once with two 12,000-BTU powerful burners that can be used together or separately with an optional griddle grill accessory

Two High-Heat Burners

Boil water quickly with two 18,000-BTU Power Boil burners that give you more cooking power

Inspiral Wok Grate

Perfect for specialty cookware like woks, the Inspiral grate is contoured to fit their shape, concentrating the Inspiral burner’s heat for better cooking results.

Reversible Stove Top Grill/Griddle Accessory

Optional, reversible stove top grill/griddle is available for purchase at an additional cost, the part number is UXPRRGG.

Sealed Burner Cooktop

Keep your kitchen sparkling, even when there’s a spill, with a sealed burner cooktop design that contains messes for easy cleanup, every time.

Continuous Gas Stove Grates

Continuous, cast-iron gas stove grates allow you to easily move heavy cookware across the cooktop surface for a more streamlined cooking experience

Electric Ignition Stove with Automatic Reignition

Confidently cook over a steady gas flame with this electric ignition stove, its automatic reignition feature instantly revives any accidentally extinguished flames

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